Enigmatic Vignette #14

Biking home from work, saw a police cruiser parked behind a late-model Corolla, lights flashing. Occupants of the vehicle standing outside the car talking to officers, both wearing karate or judo robes tied with black belts. Karate Dude #1 holding his cell phone up, screen flipped out toward the face of Officer #1, as if showing him an image. Officer #1 shaking his head slowly at the phone, looking puzzled. Officer #2 seemed to be studying Karate Dude #2’s getup.

Tried to write the caption to this scene in my head the rest of the way home.

Music: Henry Threadgill’s Zooid :: Around My Goose

2 Replies to “Enigmatic Vignette #14”

  1. You drove through two concurrent moving image entertainment programs in production: A martial arts focused reality program (that is being proposed as either a competition for would be stunt persons or as a candid camera style program), and a police training program. All actions that are documented should be usable for each production, albeit in different ways. The latter production is subsidizing the production of the former (double) pilot. The karate suited cellphone holder was simultaneously vlogging the stunt cops, offering an example of what a gun does not look like, and distracting you from another camera unit that was documenting your reaction. The producer decided you looked too smart and did not rope you in to the candid camera production aside from the above.

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