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We’ve received the first replacement server in our coming move to an all-Mac campus: The QuickTime Streaming Server we use to webcast events and event archives is no longer running on Windows, but on Panther Server from a dual 2.5 GHz XServe with 2GB of memory. Any future bottlenecks will be at the NIC or switch, not due to I/O. The machine is dreamy, and the XServes really do look great in a stack. :)

Was looking forward to using the QTSS Publisher utility you get with OS X Server for batch/automated hinting of files, generation of .qtl files, etc., but was sorely disappointed — Publisher is really geared for environments that don’t already have a workflow system in place. Assumes too much, and isn’t very configurable. But soon discovered I now have access to the qtmedia and qtref command-line tools (not available for Linux or Windows), so spent most of the day writing a shell script to batch re-write metadata, generate .qtl reference files, add hint tracks (our broadcast software doesn’t hint the files at run-time), and relocate movies to a final resting place on the streamer. In with Flynn.

The script is available for download here.

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  1. Jeremiah, I’ve always heard “In with Flynnn,” but that ‘s folksonomy for you…

    Vic, that depends on whether we purchased late enough to fall into the free upgrade window. If not, then we probably won’t upgrade until need calls. I have a feeling we just missed the free upgrade window for this server though.

  2. Scot,

    Where can I find these command-line tools: qtmedia, qtref? I’m running OSX 10.4.4 (regular, not server). Google didn’t turn-up much.

    I need to write some shell scripts to process video. Are you willing to share your scripts that you mentioned above?

  3. Scott,

    I have a CMS-driven media library to which we are uploading video for instructors to download. We’d also like to make it possible for people to stream the same content via QTSS and it sounds like your scripts will do the trick. If you’re willing, I’d like to join the legions who have asked you to share the material in the past.



  4. Hi, Scot…
    I’ll also ask you for your script, as I’ve been trying to get qtmedia to work, but haven’t had too much luck with it, I just keep getting errors, where qtmedia “can’t read the new hinted file”…
    confusing as h**l :)

    and it’s quite hard to understand, why there is so little documentation on the utility…

    anyway, thanks in advance…

  5. Hi SCott,
    I just came across this site. I’m up to my eyeballs at this moment with QTSS and trying to do what you’ve done.
    If you still have the scripts (I realize it’s an old post) would I be able to get a copy as well?
    Many thanks!!

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