New Media 2005

Big week at the J-School next week. Integrated with multimedia training sessions for mid-career journalists, we’ll be hosting and webcasting nine separate public talks on various issues in new media and multimedia (March 21 – 25).

Featured speakers are Noah Glass of Odeo and Audioblogger; Andria Ruben McCool of Keyhole; Regina McCombs of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune; Bill Gannon of Yahoo!; Craig Newmark of craigslist; Amy Hill of the Center for Digital Storytelling; Terry Moore of the Orange County Register; Mary Miller of the Exploratorium, and Rob Curley of the Lawrence Journal-World. Each presentation is free and open to the public, and no RSVP is necessary.

If you catch nothing else, watch Rob Curley’s presentation — the Lawrence Journal-World blows much larger, better-funded publications out of the water with the level of energy and creativity that goes into their “new media” news and community projects.

As for the term, “new media,” I’m ready for it to go away anytime now (new to whom?), though it still serves as a good umbrella term to distinguish integrated media/database packages from traditional media sources.

Music: Kristin Hersh :: Some Catch Flies

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