Hell, apparently, just froze over. A group of Republicans dissatisfied with what they perceive as a dearth of anti-immigration rhetoric from the right claims to have found what they’re looking for in… Hillary. And are supporting her for president in 2008.

We will sit still no longer.  Why support Hillary Clinton you ask?  Let’s be crystal clear.  We would much rather be supporting a Republican, however, Senator Clinton is the only national figure who will most probably run for president in 08, who is speaking truth.  A hard truth.  Many of us have fallen into the same trap as you over the years.  Hillary is a radical.  Hillary is a liberal.  Is she left of the social positions many of us have?  You bet.  But then compare her social positions with say a Rudy or McCain, the probable Republican nominees and it is a wash.

Speaking of Hillary, enlighten me here. I’ve always been mystified by the right’s aversion to her. She’s smart, forthright, and totally inoffensive. There’s nothing arrogant or condescending about her. Maybe I’m wrong, but is the far right’s dislike of her solely because she’s female? It seems hard to imagine that a man with a similar demeanor would engender such fervent dislike. What is it about her that I’m not seeing?

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  1. Maybe I’m wrong, but is the far right’s dislike of her solely because she’s female? It seems hard to imagine that a man with a similar demeanor would engender such fervent dislike. What is it about her that I’m not seeing?

    It’s not her demeanor or gender, at least in my view; it’s the way it seems she thinks given what she says and how she says it. Consider what she said at a Boxer reelection fundraiser:

    Many of you are well enough off that […] the tax cuts may have helped you. We’re saying that for America to get back on track, we’re probably going to cut that short and not give it to you. We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good. (emphasis added)

    Those of us (and no, I don’t count myself as a member of the far right by any stretch of the imagination) who think that what they make is theirs and not merely something that can be rescinded at the whim of the ruling elite aren’t likely to take kindly to these ideas and the people who say them, Y chromosome or no.

    (Final disclaimer: this isn’t a comprehensive list of reasons why people who lean right dislike her; it is, however, one of the reasons why one who leans that way would.)

  2. I also am mystified by the right’s hatred for her. Even more mystifying to me is how the right is so thoroughly conviced she is the next Dem candidate. She is a fine human being and all, but do you really belive she would be the best shot for the Dems?

    Unfortunately if she did run, i could not vote for her for the same reason I applied to dubya. What are the mathmatical odds both a Father and Son would be the best qualified people to be president?! So I unfortunatley have to apply the same logic, what are the odds a husband and wife are the best qualified to be president?!

    Hmmmm, maybe it’s not about qualifications, but rather the public’s weird subconcious desire to be ruled by a single family Monarchy.

  3. Nathan – at the risk of getting into yet another pro-tax / anti-tax discussion, Hillary was not referring in the quote above to taking away what people *earn* – she’s talking about unfair tax advantages that go to the wealthiest x% of the population. The rich don’t just get richer because they work harder or are smarter, they also get richer because the economy is set up to give them unfair advantages. That’s an important distinction.

    Nevertheless, I’d say it was politically stupid of Hillary to make a comment like that.

    Griff: Interesting point about the odds. I don’t know if she’s the best the Dems can come up with by ’08, but I do think she’s a lot more likable than Kerry was. Having a name and a face will have a lot to do with the public’s perception. Kerry was kind of this wild card out of nowhere. Nobody really had enough time to get to know him, which is not the case with Hillary.

  4. Disclaimer: Yes, I too am super liberal.

    However, I think a Hillary ’08 run would be a disaster for the Dems. Unfortunately, the entire country is still not enlightened enough to fully & fairly consider a woman for Pres or Veep. Personally, I don’t like her – not due to disagreements with her policy positions or anything (because I’m not aware of them), but because her demeanor and personality reek “typical insincere politician”. Gore has exuded more warmth on his worst day than she on her best. I freely admit that all that I’m going on here is gut feeling and it’s entirely possible that should I spend the time to become acquainted with her positions (and track-record) that I would like her more. But, again, the American majority will not do that – as we’ve seen a few months ago.

    Quite frankly, the Dems need somebody who is both qualified and has a wide-ranging personality-appeal. Hillary ain’t it. That said, I certainly don’t have a problem with the idea of her becoming President (again, barring any unknown conflict with any of her positions) solely because the thought of all Neocon “Mis-information” Peddlers (or, “Liars”, if you prefer) having heart-attacks on Nov 2nd or 3rd warms my heart (I’m not talking literally here – I always try to stay away from Schadenfreude).

    As for this group of Repubs, I haven’t read the linked article, but I don’t trust that this position is face-value. The Neocons (who, I think, is very important to discern from Republicans – because there certainly are plenty of Republicans with commendable values and beliefs that are inconsistent and at odds with the Neocons ruling their party) have proven themselves to be capable of doing anything to win.

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