Data-Boy on L.A. Punk

At TV Party, a collection of articles written for Data-Boy magazine in the early 80s, direct from the heart of the L.A. punk/new wave scene. Dug-up, restored to their original luster, many of them complete with images and album covers. Tracking the rise of bands like Wall of Voodoo, Minutemen, X, Stiff Little Fingers, XTC, etc. Even though the writing isn’t particularly scintillating, it’s interesting to be reminded of how these bands smelled to the underground 20-25 years ago, rather than how we remember them.

While Wall of Voodoo has obviously made great investments of time and resources to make their concerts as polished as possible, XTC has taken the road of least resistance. Weak, bare, sloppy arrangements and performances prevailed.

Thanks baald.

Music: Nino Rota :: La Strada

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