Art Is Not Terrorism

Steve Kurtz is a professor at the University of Buffalo and also an artist using biotech as his medium to create commentary on genetic modification and modern American food culture. When his wife died of a heart attack recently, police found scientific equipment in his home he was using to produce one of his works — equipment similar to what you’d find in any factory producing GMO foods, and even in many high school biology labs. But the police decided Kurtz was a budding eco-terrorist, and called in the FBI, who are trying to hang him out to dry.

FBI lab tests immediately proved that not only was Kurtz’s equipment not used for any illegal purpose, it was not even possible to use it as a terrorist weapon … That hasn’t stopped the feds from continuing to pursue their case against Kurtz, in yet another egregious instance of contemptibly misdirected Patriot Act terrorist hysteria run amok.

Critical Art Ensemble maintains a site detailing Kurtz’ case, and runs a legal defense fund on his behalf.

Thanks Larry.

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