Air Raid

A happening today at Berkeley… the monthly emergency preparedness sirens went off at noon on the first Wednesday of the month, as usual. And just as they did, a caterwaul arose, huger and more textured than the sirens, nearly but not quite drowning them out. People came out of their offices and into the courtyard, and looked up to the dorms across the street. There, atop a roof six stories above the ground, were four students with guitars and Marshall stacks, plugged in and improvising a wall of sound to interplay with the sirens. A free concert of artfully tweaked distortion and dada rock and roll improv. Should have AudBlogged it.

Music: Black Cat Orchestra :: Introit from Requiem

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  1. I’m speechless – was going to post a single word comment, but Jamie already stole that single word. Bum.

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