Email Suppression

I did not realize when I got into the small-time web/mail hosting business that the majority of my energy would be consumed in spam combat. Realized this morning that running a mail server is not so much about enabling the flow of email as it about suppressing it. Well, that’s not quite true, but the vast majority of effort does goes into keeping mail out rather than letting it in. AOL is now experimenting with methods of altering DNS databases to prevent spoofing.

In 12 hours, I’ve suppressed more than 750 instances of MyDoom with a crude set of rules… and another 250 got through. It’s and endless battle.

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2 Replies to “Email Suppression”

  1. Vic:

    Message size greater than 30k and less than 35K


    subject in “test,hi,hello,Mail Delivery System,Mail Transaction Failed,Server Report,Status,Error,Delivery Status Notification,Undelivered Mail”

    Discard (or copy to an mbox and discard).

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