Had a great visit from an Apple rep yesterday, came to help us solve some persistent Final Cut Pro lab issues. When he booted his laptop, saw this great wallpaper — an x-ray of the very TiBook he was using. He sent me a copy. Higher-def version for posterity here. Something about this seems vaguely naughty, like it must have felt in the 1800s to catch a glimpse of a woman’s calf or something.

Music: Hüsker Dü :: Afraid of Being Wrong

6 Replies to “TiGutz”

  1. Wow – there’s a blast from the past. That was background on my work laptop, even though it was a PC laptop :(

    I used it as a reminder of what I was working toward – buying a Mac. :)

  2. hmm… i thought the advantage of LiIon batteries is that they didn’t have to be made in cells like that. i should probably go research that some more.

    it almost looks like they’re wired up like some high-school project. heh.

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