Dust Bunnies, Clean Slate

Saturday a huge effort — half a dozen friends helped us load and unload a 14′ truck twice and a half. Everyone sore and exhausted and totally satisfied by end of day, wrapped up with beer and a big Thai feast — El Cerrito has a bunch of great Thai restaurants. Head cold deepening and worsening, worked right through it, no choice. Sunday Amy and I back to Raymond St. alone to clean up – three hours of excavating dust bunnies and Murphy’s-ing the floors. Kind of a drag to be working on the old house when all you want is to assemble the new one, but in the end it felt really good — pardon the cliche’, but “closure” felt whole. Ready to move on. Head cold turned into chest cold. Hacking chest and it hurts, but Monday spent bootstrapping the house, bringing up systems, putting the kitchen together, etc. Clean slate. And the million hidden expenses begin.

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