Pollution as an Act of War

In The Chicago Tribune (free registration required):

“The federal government is America’s biggest polluter and the Department of Defense is the government’s worst offender. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, unexploded ordnance waste can be found on 16,000 military ranges across the U.S. and more than half may contain biological or chemical weapons. In total, the Pentagon is responsible for more than 21,000 potentially contaminated sites and, according to the EPA, the military may have poisoned as much as 40 million acres, a little larger than Florida. That result might be considered an act of war if committed by a foreign power. ”

Music: David Bowie :: I’m Afraid Of Americans

5 Replies to “Pollution as an Act of War”

  1. I have a friend who works for the EPA at an office in the North East. He is quite demoralized by what is happening under this administration–as are many in his office. Bush is doing a very effective job of reducing the EPA’s ability to do much of anything.

  2. 20 percent of the world lives weathy
    and 80 percent of the world is horribly poor.

    So, what does america do?, we spends all
    our money trying to nuke the 100%.

    We in the west are just like the WWII
    “good Germans” who lived in comfort
    during spoils of European conquest,
    while the rest of europe starved.

    Until someone put a stop to it.

  3. I saw a spokesliar for Bush on Letterman last night. Former Head of the EPA, Christie Todd Whitman, she made me sick. LIAR!!!!!
    She must believe her lies. Grrr….

  4. Continuing on John’s trail of though, and picking up the day’s song (I’m afraid of Americans), when i was in the US (back in 98), i was watching VH1 and they were showing some videos to a group of old people, so they would comment on it. First they showed “The Boss” singing “Born In The USA” and they said something like “he’s a very nice young man, etc etc” then they showed Bowie singing “I’m Afraid of Americans” and they said something like “oh what a bad man, i don’t like him” and to top it of one man said “he’s probably gay” (not far from the truth there actualy). Just goes to show how far (and blind) US patriotism can be. One thing just came to mind… people criticized other countries where dictators rule for forcing the children to sing songs praising them, etc… in the US, from a very early age children learn and memorize the national anthem…

    Don’t get me wrong, i’m not anti-US and not anti-americans (i had a great time for the 3 months i was there), i just disagree with some of the country’s views on certain issues.

  5. I was born here in this land that used to be Mexican Land and Indian land, namely California.

    I have a passport that states I am an American

    How does my flag to shrink wrap my thoughts,
    when it covers the caskets of the dead and flies
    above the prisons holding Deadheads?

    How do these words purchase nuclear
    missles to hide myself from the world?

    How does my wealth create a closet?

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