First encountered the ever-surprising accidental art of (don’t click that link) on antiweb almost a decade ago. Wired makes the point that Jodi and other net art sites are a sort of indulgence, or embrace of faulty programming.

…what sets online art apart from other technological endeavors is “not the innovative use of technology, but a creative misuse of it.”

Music: Trifactor :: Without Blame

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  1. Thanks for the net art reference. I would be interested to know what other net art has caught your eye and ear. Perhaps one aspects of net art is “creative misuse” of technology, but there is also so much more; for instance,
    [Yes, DM from Los Osos/Morro Bay…]

  2. David! Why the hell you hanging out here? Good to see you. Geez, so long since I surfed around for netart, used to be way into it, but became mostly jaded and mostly too busy. In fact it’s been about five years now since i looked carefully at the scene.

  3. Curious. . .playlist mainly. Good to know you are, er. . . well-tuned. Don’t recall how I stumbled in, but good to read you. DM

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