Just set up SquirrelMail on top of Communigate’s IMAP server, now birdhouse mail users have their option of POP, IMAP, or web mail. PHP-based, very fast. Even works with multiple vhost domains, no special config necessary. Communigate is an incredibly powerful mail server – the more I dig into its options the more I’m impressed. But the UI they provide for web mail is an abomination unto the senses – the squirrel fixes that.

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  1. Glad to hear another positive for Squirrelmail. I have been planning on setting it up with IMAP for checking my email on multiple computers, haven’t got around to it yet though. I am not familiar with Communigate’s IMAP so I’ll check it out before I use a different solution.

  2. Communigate’s only drawback is expense. If you need free or cheap, this ain’t it. It’s very well supported (I had to call the other day and was amazed not to be put on hold and to have very clueful people on the other end) and extremely feature rich. To me it’s worth the money just to avoid reading the sendmail manual.

  3. PHP mail users. Make sure you have the latest version of Communigate. An older version had a bug that broke PHP mail when using Communigate to send mail and not sendmail/mail.

    See the Communigate pdf install doc for setup info on their website.

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