Tried to install the ImageMagick perl module for OS X last night, CPAN crapped out. Tried to compile the source manually but no go there either. Discovered that the indefatigable Marc Liyanage has a binary package installer for it – sets up the CLI binary and the perl module all at once, two clicks, 20 seconds.

With Image::Magick detected on the server, Movable Type gives you a few more options in the file upload dialog, offering to create a thumbnail for you, then all the HTML and JavaScript to connect thumb to popup. I’ve always generated thumbnails in iPhoto or Photshop and uploaded them separately. This rocks (yes, I know this particular image doesn’t really need thumbnailing – just testing).

That’s me on the daily bike commute to work.

Music: King Crimson :: Epitaph Including March For No Reason And Tomorrow And Tomorrow

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