Weblogs, Wi-Fi and Subscriptions

Big events week at the J-School coming up – I’m going to end up ragged. In addition to a week-long conference on multimedia training for mid-career journalists, we have three excellent events happening, all of which will be webcast live:

Monday, March 24 — Discussion and Q&A on weblogs and journalism with J.D. Lasica, Online Journalism Review and Rusty Foster, founder of kuro5hin.

Wednesday, March 26 – Presentation and Q&A on wireless technology with Cory Doctorow.

Thursday, March 27 – Presentation and Q&A on charging for online content with Vin Crosbie of Digital Deliverance.

Get your QuickTime plugins greased up!

Music: Lounge Lizards :: Bob And Nico

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