Green Plastic Bag

Why I love living in the East Bay, reason #367:

I subscribe to a couple of neighborhood mailing lists, one of which works in coop with local police officers. Most of the traffic consists of police reports, usually garden variety holdups and drug busts. An item today was a bit more, um, creative:

“FW34 was getting in her car to move it across the street, for the street sweepers. She noticed a loud noise coming from the muffler. Her husband came out and looked under the car. There was metal and wood shavings, a pipe sticking out and green plastic bag. It appears that someone had tried to rig it so the Carbon Monoxide would go into the cab of the car. There are no suspects at this time.”

The more I dig through these, the more our neighborhood sounds like a bad pulp fiction novel. Click More for more.

BF30 was in a Bar on San Pablo with her friend Shawn playing darts, when her boyfriend enters and attacks Shawn with a pistol. As Shawn lay on the floor bleeding, before leaving the bar he told his ex that he would kill her if she told. Adrian went out the bar. The lady then heard three or four gun shots. She went outside and got into her car to leave. Then she heard poor Shawn yell” Nicole I’m hit. He then got in the car and they went to her aunts and called the police.


BF23 was watching TV at her drunken Fiance’ aunt’s house when her intoxicated boyfriend for no reason told her to come out side he wanted to talk with her. She said “NO” and that enraged him to the point of attacking her. He hit her with a broom handle, apple cider bottle, fists, hands, and feet. He ripped her clothes off as she started running to a neighbors house. Meantime someone had flagged the police and said a naked woman was running down the street. She said that her boyfriend told her– that she better tell the police someone else beat her up. She had several bruises and injuries, but did not want to go to the hospital.


MO23 was at his house playing video games in his room when 2 suspects approached him and pointed a revolver at him and said “GIVE ME YOUR WALLET”, Then some friends came up the stairs, the suspect told him to go in the restroom. He took his wallet out of his pocket. While robbing him, the perp kept hitting on the head with the gun. Officers noted a 9in gash in the back of his head.

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