iPhoto, iTunes Falling Down on Library Size

ORA blog: iPhoto, iTunes Falling Down on Library Size

I’m not steamed because there are bugs. I’m steamed because Apple announced a whole raft of iLife features today — great features, no doubt — but made no mention of addressing the one thing that thwarts the very people who take the digital hub sales pitch seriously – media library sizes greater than “just beginning.”


Update: I’ve been MacSlashed!

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5 Replies to “iPhoto, iTunes Falling Down on Library Size”

  1. I know i’m an old (ok, not that old.. :P) curmudgeon who doesn’t like some application managing his music and photos, but I agree with you 100%….

  2. “iTunes needs to work on efficiency, period”

    *grin* My gut feeling is that you’re asking nothing less than a rewrite of the internal data structures from being memory based to being disk based. Not exactly a SMOP.

    Not that I disagree – it needs to be done (out of curiosity: how big is your iTunes process with all 15000 songs loaded?).

    …and now I am wondering about what is going to happen when I throw my bookmark collection at Safari…

  3. My big beef with all the iApps is that Apple seems to forever be looking just for little features that can sell Macs rather than for making real, quality applications. As long as that’s their focus, they’ll never have any incentive to make them work properly and handle the users with large datasets, because those users already have so much invested in hardware and software that they’ve hit and surpassed the point of diminishing returns in terms of how much Apple has to invest in keeping them.

  4. Hey Xenex –

    It’s not expected out until February, and even then it won’t be available for download so I’ll need to buy it. Like everyone, I’m just excited about it handling huge libraries without bogging.

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