Do You Like Me

Found a note folded up, sitting in the ivy, on the way to breakfast the other day. Junior high came rushing back in a flash of memory:



I love the way the sentence ends w/o question mark, the way an entire sheet of notebook paper is used for four lonely words, the minimal expressiveness of the note, as if it’s a statement of fact rather than a question.

Ack packet via Dylan Tweney: Just how far has the art of magazine covers declined in the past 50 years? This plays like a microcosm of all modern aesthetics – engaged in an ongoing and unstoppable slide from care to crap.

And speaking of MSN, they’re promoting a “New Bread of Secret Agent.”

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  1. i get the feeling that the magazines refered to in that article no longer have the same demographic though – whereas once vanity fair and vogue were probably bought by someone w/a bit of sophistication, whereas now, all the magazines referred to are basically very mainstream. gotta look alike, gotta think alike, gotta do the same thing.

    i don’t think the issue is a decline in aesthetics so much as a change in the purpose of this type of media. in fact, if you look at more sophisticated reading and/or specialist publication, you WILL find much higher aesthetic standards maintained for the most part.

  2. That’s a beautiful piece of paper. I used to keep that stuff all the time, stuff that people drop like that. It was always easy to find, too:

    step 1: identify couple walking into the same lecture hall as you
    step 2: they are bound to either 1) talk or 2) pass a note
    step 3: follow couple out door
    step 4: they will throw the notes away (invariably the case)
    step 5: pick up

    this was my freshman year when I was vicariously living through my friends’ social lives. Then I got a girlfriend. Although, i still love those ambiguous drops of words that only mean something in context, and then trying to figure them out. Humans can be really cool sometimes.

  3. This is identical to a trompe d’oeil problem I give in drawing class using Prismacolor. The problem is called “bad homework” by me for reasons having to do with painful past experiences..but the content is usually more like ‘do you like me’once the students bite into it. I’ll send a few samples later.
    Congratulations Scott! Beautiful baby!

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