Head Cold

A small sub-group split off one of my mailing lists recently — half a dozen people talking about music. Within a few hours we found this chemistry between us. By the end of the first day we had generated more than 100 messages between us. On the second day there were even more. It turned into this flood of rants on music, culture, collections, old girlfriends, having kids, lives of obscure musicians, computing arcana, server configuration…. Can’t stop reading or writing. Don’t have time to, but can’t pull myself away. It can’t go on like this. It’s like an explosion of words from all of us simultaneously – we just struck a vein with each other for some reason. Exhausting.

Almost finished with the SKSM database. Need to wrap up the final freelance obligations in the next month or so so we can start prepping the baba’s room. Also wrapping up the Alumni database at work – has been on the back burner for a long time, but making huge headway lately. Feels good. And finally got Cecilia’s Win2K install squared away (though I missed the SF Documentary Film Fest last night because of it).

Hilarious: Things my girlfriend and I have argued about. The thing that occurred to me after reading this for a while is the fact that the two of them are actually very much in love. It’s a screwed up dysfunctional kind of love, but I really don’t think they hate each other. Note: Amy and I argue like anyone, but we are *not* like this couple.

Birdhouse just got a really favorable mention in the Utne Reader’s Web Watch.

Surprise May rainstorms over the past couple of days – kind of nice.

Uh oh – feeling the beginnings of a head cold this morning.

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