Global Currency

Attention globalization fans (you know who you are): The Global Country of World Peace has released its own currency, called the Raam. One Raam = around US $10. According to the Maharishi, the appearance of the Raam marks the onset of a harmonious, peaceful world. One love, one heart, one wallet. Yay!

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  1. The source citing the local paper in lelystad, says,
    the local currency RAAM, which is traded in the
    Netherlands, could be rising up to 20% this week.
    Source is

    “It is very historic, that for the first time,
    the RAAM is actually 20% more worth than you can buy it
    says Guus.

    People guess, that you can buy the RAAM for its original
    price 1 RAAM = 10 Euros at least up till wednesday in the

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