Macs vs. PCs in Education

Here is a tremendous set of resources put together to defend keeping Macs in schools rather than standardizing on Wintel. It’s been interesting seeing how things go at the J-School, which is about 50/50. Faculty and staff have a mix of Macs and PCs. Students have “The Greenhouse,” which is a room of 12 fully-decked-out G4s where we teach web design, video production, audio production, Quark, and pretty much anything creative, and two “Newsrooms” full of PCs where students basically do word processing.

It’s clear from interacting with students and faculty over the past four months that MacOS is less confusing overall (I know that’s vague and fuzzy, but it seems to be true) and that we do far less support work on the Macs (which is empirically true).

Just observations, not trying to start a flame war… ;)

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