Harper’s Bazaar

Number of friends who accompanied Amy and I to breakfast at Mama’s Royal Cafe’ : 2 (Mike and Chris)

Number of delicious cookies left in the container Chris gave for us for Christmas: 3

Number of houses Amy and I looked at today: 4

Number of houses we saw that we would actually want to live in: 0

Number of messages on our answering machine when we got back, offering congratulations on our pregnancy: 8

Number of miles Amy and I ran yesterday morning: 3

Number of days since Amy had her last cigarette: 3

Number of days I have left to quit smoking, per agreement: 24

Number of weeks until our friends Will and Sage birth their own little bubba: 2

Number of PowerMacs our landlord got dirt-cheap at a job site: 2

Number of landlord’s new PowerMacs capable of booting from CD: 0

Number of pounds per square inch of pressure I made sure was in the tires of our boring Toyota this afternoon: 33

Number of days before I pick up the now-fixed motorcycle I pranged up last June: 3

Number of people who have commented recently that my current LJ picture makes me look overly serious, or like an escaped prisoner: 3

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  1. I loved the article on Janet Jackson in the February issue. But why the comparison to Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, when a comparison to Dorothy Dandridge and (60’s) Diana Ross is even more flattering.

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