Migrating from Django-Tagging to Taggit

When Bucketlist launched a year ago and I needed a good app to let users create a taxonomy for their life goals, django-tagging was the main contender, and that’s what we went with.

Django-tagging worked pretty well overall, but had one critical bug: Because it only had a tag “name” field but no slug field, users could enter tags with slashes in them. Accessing lists of those tags would then generate a 500 error – a bad user experience, unclean, and I was getting tired of seeing the error reports. Unfortunately, django-tagging hasn’t been been updated in quite a while – starting to look like abandon-ware.

At Djangocon 2010, buzz was that Alex Gaynor’s django-taggit was picking up the slack and becoming the go-to tagging library for Django. Unfortunately, Taggit provides no migration strategy to move your existing tag base over. I held off on migration hoping one would appear, then finally decided this week to try it myself. Thought I’d document the process for others in the same boat.
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