Creative JavaScript and HTML(5) Visual Effects

Creative JavaScript and HTML(5) Visual Effects

It’s time to get creative with JavaScript! Seb Lee-Delisle, Founding partner of BAFTA winning agency Plug-in Media, shows you how to create beautiful visual effects in HTML5 canvas in this 2.5 hour workshop. He’ll also demonstrate how easy it is to convert 3D points into 2D and show you how to make your very own JavaScript 3D engine. Bring a laptop and prepare to get coding!

Fantastic hands-on double-length workshop session introducing coder participants to the concepts of animating with HTML5’s canvas tag, including particle animation, movement, shading, performance through WebGL and more. Fantastic intro, and Lee-Delisle was super entertaining. Loved this session!

Seb Lee-Delisle
Plug-in media

Download sample code:

Amazing demonstrations of how to draw into the HTML5 canvas tag with Javascript, including particle and smoke animation, performance optimization, spring and drag effects, working with gravity… physics in general. Plus materials and shading.

Too much to cover here – grab the sample code above and play!

Amazing example:
WebGL is OpenGL for use in the web browser. Brilliant at shading (assuming you have the skills).

Warning: With great pixel power comes great responsibility. It’s easy to create performance nightmares if you don’t know what you’re doing.

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