Festival of Mulch

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I’m in full-tilt work mode when the call comes in. It’s Amy. “Hon (I always brace myself when sentences start this way), I just got a nervous call from [another friend]. They said they had taken an offer for a pile of free mulch, but ended up with umm… way too much. I said we needed some, so they brought over the leftovers in a big truck. It’s in our driveway.” “Nice work!” I responded. We did need a bunch of mulch for some upcoming projects. “Yeah, but it’s, um, a really BIG pile of mulch.” “That’s OK, we’ll use it, don’t worry, gotta run.”

Roll in on the bike as the sun is starting to go orange. Car’s not in the driveway. Because the driveway is full of mulch. As in, FULL of mulch. Shredded redwood fibers, smelled delicous. Miles happy to see daddy. And, being a boy myself, I of course knew he’d be dying to play on the pile.

Guess this means our weekend is booked.

Music: John Coltrane :: Miles’ Mode

7 Replies to “Festival of Mulch”

  1. Great!

    We were on the receiving end of similar generousity recently, and ended up with a pile o’ mulch that was just a bit smaller than yours. It was a delicious day of work, weeding and mulching, but we managed to get almost every mulchable area around the house done. Enjoy!

  2. Hmmm, we need some of that mulch for our allotment. I guess shipping it transatlantic might prove a bit much though (now that really would be a mulch-shifting project).

  3. I too had a similar delivery of nearly equal generosity…but the delivery was made *before* reversing the car out the driveway first! Now there’s an added incentive to distribute the stuff asap! :)

  4. You’ll never believe it, but I’m working on a short film which references a boy scout selling Mulch. We found your TREMENDOUS photo of the pile of Mulch in front of the blue garage, and would like to license usage of it for our film! The good fortune of the Mulch is multiplying! Please contact me at jmcostanzo@earthlink.net.

    Much appreciated,

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