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By day, Scot Hacker (shacker) works as a webmonkey at the California College of Arts (Oakland and San Francisco), building out their Learning Management Systems, intranet/portals, and all manner of webbery.

Previously, Scot worked as a Djangonaut at the Center for Investigative Reporting, and prior to that, was helping to build CalCentral @ ETS, a next-generation portal for students, staff and faculty at UC Berkeley.

On the side, Hacker runs the life-goal-tracking site Bucketlist.org, where people list all the things they want to accomplish before they die, tell stories about their accomplishments, and post images and video from their adventures. Bucketlist is also shacker’s Django playground  — Django being a Python-based web application framework that makes managing complex web apps easy. They don’t call it “The framework for perfectionists with deadlines” for nothing.

shacker also writes occasional bits on music for Stuck Between Stations, a  site he built and collaborates  on with a few friends. He has a pretty famous piece there: Can You Get to That? The Cosmology of P-Funk.

shacker served as Webmaster/sysadmin at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism and Knight Digital Media Central, where he divided  time between supporting students in their web publishing efforts, co-teaching in the multimedia skills program, webcasting public events, doing general desktop computer support, and helping administer a small farm of Apple XServes.

In a former life he was an active technology journalist. He was the author of O’Reilly’s MP3: The Definitive Guide, as well as Peachpit’s The BeOS Bible (both now out of print). He’s also written dozens of technology articles for PC Magazine, Byte, MacWorld, ZDNet, and others.

These days most of his evenings are spent running the independent web hosting and consulting business Birdhouse Hosting, where he specializes in helping find and implement web technology solutions for journalists and creative types.

Over the years he’s been an avid surfer and skateboarder, AFS exchange student (Australia 1983), music writer, technology editor, collage artist, hitchhiker, programmer, scuba diver, motorcyclist, etc.

shacker currently lives in California with wife Amy, son Miles, and two cats.


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