Like Button Fail

People joke about the limitations of the Like button, how sometimes you just want to acknowledge that something is interesting or noteworthy, even if that thing is bad news. Sometimes the dilemma is funny, but often it’s not.

Came across this while reading today and did a double-spit-take:


This isn’t funny – this is a problem. Kind of amazing that Facebook hasn’t come up with something better in all this time. In the scope and context of All News, having nothing but “Like” to work with is just childish.

2 thoughts on “Like Button Fail

  1. And it’s quite easy to solve – s/like/interested in , and you solved most of the issue. What they didn’t solve yet is when you dislike content- there is no way to say this is shit don’t even bother following the link.

  2. Ludovic, I believe there’s an option for a “Recommend” button, but almost no sites implement it. Maybe because “Like” is more iconic/recognizable? But you’re right – execrable content shouldn’t get a Recommend button either.

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