6 thoughts on “Assange and Zuckerberg

  1. Nathan – Your interests as expressed on Facebook result directly in the selection of ads that are shown to you (in fact they're uncannily accurate). How is that not giving your information to companies?

  2. And to be clear, I don't think Google is any different from Facebook in this department. But Larry Page wasn't Man of the Year, so the pithy dig wouldn't have worked so well :).

    I personally fault FB for not creating a network as good as G+, not for any perceived misappropriation of my data/interests.

  3. Scot – Facebook targets ads on behalf of advertisers. That's a lot different than Facebook giving those advertisers the underlying data used as input for the targeting. The distinction matters to me.

  4. Right – Not different in principle from any publication or site selling ads. People perceive it differently because FB knows so much about you. But everything they know, you've given freely, in full knowledge that it's being used for the purpose of ad placement. So yeah, you're right.

    Let's focus on why Assange is vilified more than Zuck :)

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