One Ear Warm, One Ear Cold

Does it mean anything if one of your ears is warm while the other is cold? Even if you’ve been inside for hours and haven’t been wearing a hat and can’t think of anything you might have done that could have caused such a thing? Does this mean I’m going to die? Or just that my left brain is running hot for some reason? Ah well – I’m going to die eventually anyway.

William Shatner – “You’re Going to Die”

Music: Electrelane :: This Deed

4 Replies to “One Ear Warm, One Ear Cold”

  1. the only thing it means, is that you may experience what is called caloric vertigo. Dizziness caused by varying temperatures between vestibular cochlear R & L.

  2. There’s always some clever medical student taking a break from his books looking for a blog to fill. My sympathies, both my ears are cold a lot of the time, since the start of this year, soon after i had a collapse. The William Shatner is funny, thanks.

  3. I now have some understanding to why 1 ear is hot and 1 also changes in each ear from week to week and mostly day to day

    I think it’s weird

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